Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter
Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter
Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter
Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter
Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter
Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter
Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter

Portable Car 12V Battery Jump Starter

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Car 11000mah Portable Battery Jump Starter

How to use the 70mai Jump Starter using the device as a 12V jump starter:


1. Connect the jump starter to the device to ensure that the indicator on the battery clips are off.

2. Connect the battery clips correctly to the positive and negative ends of the car battery. The red clip should be connected to the positive (+) end, while the black clip should be connected to the negative (-) end. Then, follow the instructions below:



  • When the green light is turned on, the connection is correct and the battery can be jump started.
  • When the red light is turned on and a buzzer sound can be heard, the clips are connected to the wrong ends. Connect the clips correctly and make sure the green light is turned on before jump starting the battery.
  • When the green light is flickering and a buzzer sound can be heard, the voltage is too low. Press the boost button and wait till the green light stops flickering. Jump start the battery within 30 seconds.
  • When both the green and red lights are not turned on and no buzzer sound can be heard, the battery may be completely damaged. Ensure that the clips are connected to the correct ends. Press the boost button and wait till the green light is turned on. Jump start the battery within 30 seconds

    3. After the car is jump started, remove the battery clips.



    Our Portable Car Battery Jump Starter has an independent lighting switch that allows you to change it into lighting, strobe lighting and SOS signal light by one switch.                                                                                                                

    In full charged status, you can use highlight lighting continuously for 48 hours.


    DO Anti-reverse interface design can be recognized automatically when battery clip aren't attached correctly to avoid them from functioning incorrectly.

    An overall easy-to-use jump starter that’s ideal for any newbie.                                                             

    Connect your portable jump starter, start your car, disconnect the jump starter, and then leave. You no longer have to wait for someone to save you. Simply take care of it yourself and be on your way.

    Practical and Convenient, this compact jump starter is about the same size as a portable power bank for smartphones.

    Cellphone will always have 4% battery power when you need them most. A good reason to keep a power pack jump starter in your car is that most will have a USB port on them that you can use to charge your phone. You can also use it to charge a tablet and anything else that gets it’s charge through a USB chord.


    Basic Parameters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

     Dimensions: 163×87×27mm 

    Capacity: 11100mAh(41.07Wh)

    Output: 5V / 2.4A,12V jump starter port 

    Input: 5V / 2A

    Charging time: ≤5.5hours

    Jump start current: 250A

    Peak current: 600A

    Operating temperature: -20℃~55℃

    Charging temperature: 0~55℃

    Packing List

    70MAI Jump Starter×1

    Charging cable×1

    Smart battery clip×1

    Storage bag×1

    User manual×1

     Return & Refund, 1 Year Warranty 

    No reason to return goods within 15 days. This warranty doesn't cover damage caused by accident, misuse, or modification. Only the parcel without personal error use or damage which does not affect the second-sales of the parcel.

    You can send an item for repair within 1 year after receipt.  Buyer will be responsible for shipping cost.


    1. Please read the manual carefully before using the device. 

    2. The device must not be used in place of a car battery.

    3. Do not use the device as a toy.

    4. To reduce the risk of injury, closely supervise any children that are around the device.

    5. The device is intended for the jump-starting of a 12V car battery and should not be used for any other purposes. 

    6. Please use the battery clips provided. If the battery clip or cable is damaged, do not use the device as it may result in fire, electric shock or other personal injuries.

    7. Do connect the positive and negative ends of the battery directly. 

    8. Before jump-starting the car battery, ensure that the connections are free of rust and other foreign objects. Connect the device securely to the battery clips to prevent the jump-start performance from being affected by a poor connection. 

    9. After the car battery is jump-started successfully, disconnect the device from the car battery within 30 seconds to prevent any damage.

    10. Do not use the device for more than 3 consecutive times. Otherwise, the device may overheat and be damaged. If multiple jump starts are to be performed, ensure there is an interval of 2 minutes between each jump-starts.

    11. Do not use the clips to charge any other devices.

    12. Do not place the product in an environment where the temperature exceeds 60℃. 

    13. Charging should be done at room temperature of between 0℃ to 45℃.14

    14. Do not expose the device to rain or submerge it in water.

    15. Do not place the device in extreme heat or in a fire.

    16. Do not use the product in an environment with explosion risk, such as in near flammable liquids or gases, or in the presence of dust.

    17. Before using the device, ensure that someone is near enough to hear you or provide assistance to you.

    18. Before using the device, remove any metallic objects on your body, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

    19. To reduce the risk of damage to the power plug and cable, please disconnect the device from the battery clips using the battery clip plug.

    20. Do not use any damaged or modified batteries. Otherwise, it may lead to unpredictable consequences such as fire, explosion or injuries.

    21. Please use the charging cable provided or one of similar specification to the device's input port to charge the device.

    22. Do not charge the device immediately after it is being used to jump-start a car battery. 

    23. Do not use the device to jump-start a car battery while it is being charged.

    24. In extreme cases, fluid may leak from the battery. Do not allow the fluid to come into direct contact with your hand or skin. In case of contact, wash the part immediately with soap and water. If the fluid accidentally gets in your eyes. Wash your eyes using cold water for at least 10 minutes before seeking medical attention immediately.

    25. As the device contains a lithium battery, dispose of it in accordance with the local regulations at the end of the product's service life.




    1. How to turn off the jump starter? 


    The device has a built-in smart detection function.  When there is no load or charging is complete, the jump starter will automatically go into sleep mode to conserve power. 


    2. How many times can the car starter charge a mobile phone? 


    It depends on the battery capacity of your mobile 


    3. What is the service life of the jump starter? 


    Under normal use, the device can be used for 3-5 years. 


    4. How long can the jump starter be kept after a full charge? 


    Based on the circuit design of the jump starter,  the device can be kept for 6-12 months after a full charge. 


    Do not store the device for prolonged period of time when its battery life is low. To extend the service life, it is recommended to charge the device every three months. 


    5. After a prolonged period of storage, can the jump starter be used immediately to jump-start a car? 


    If there is a need to use the device after a prolonged period of storage, check the battery indicator to make sure that at least 2 indicator lights turn on. 


    Otherwise,  charge the device before using it to jump-start a car.


    6.70mai emergency power supply models:


    70mai emergency power supply can start up to 4.0L petrol car under normal temperature and full power. Gasoline cars, diesel cars and tractors larger than 4.0L are not in the normal working range of this power supply and cannot start normally.

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